What Happened to the Ideabird? Plus a treat!

There are the excuses: Busy working on my movie, distracted by the election, Posterous (my blog engine) has been a piece of rank garbage since bought by Twitter. But that doesn't really cover it. The real reason is habit and schedule. I used to have an idea due, go through the candidates in the shower, drive my daughter to school, tweak it on the way to work, and type it up before work started.

This year, however, my daughter doesn't need to get into school as early. I barely make it to work by the skin of my teeth, and then it's go go go! (An Apple store is a busy place.) Then dinner needs to get onto the table, homework needs to be yelled about, and socks need to be folded.

Wallace Stevens used to walk to work so he could compose his poems. Virginia Woolf needed a room of her own. You would get that song finished if the next customer wasn't giving you the stink-eye while waiting for his Chai Latte. We're all dealing with it.

I've been jotting down my ideas and recording my voice memos. In the next couple of days I want to get a multi-day brain dump in towards a run up to the Ideabird's first anniversary. As a treat for sticking with it, I'll post one of my short pieces. I realize this will kill it for professional publication, but there ya go!

Thanks for all your support, Tony Jonick, Oakland, CA

© Tony Jonick 2013