Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 12/13/13

It was all so confusing when he was little. He was pulled out of school by strangers and not allowed to go home. Over the months he met many people, none he knew. One day he was taken to a house where he was told two people would be his new mommy and daddy. There were pictures all over of a little girl who seemed to have a room in the house, but who he never saw. Gradually he came to understand that the little girl had been shot along with some of her classmates. He also came to understand that his parents had been shot, too, and they were all going to be one family now. Years later, as a teenager, he would find them crying over her picture, and had a hard time not feeling like an inferior replacement.

The Less Said, Early Draft 12/11/13

Hi Gang, Less time for Ideabird stories as I’m working on my latest film The Less Said. I’ve posted a copy of the latest complete script, but already there are some changes.

We are shooting this January, thanks to my friends at Scary Cow, San Francisco’s finest film co-op. I’ve been location scouting, auditioning actors, working on story boards etc. I’ve been able to convince some top-notch pro film-makers to help, and for the first time in my life have all the people and most of the gear I’ve ever wanted at my disposal.

I’m trying to live up to their high level. Keep your eyes out here, and on my other website,

Ideabird 12/2/13

The Alcubierre-White theories of warp drive not only work, the drives themselves turn out to be surprisingly easy to build. Yes, it’s still a pain to get to low-earth orbit. But humanity, with all it’s current ignorance and bad habits moves into the stars…and still finds no evidence of alien civilizations.

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