Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 12/30/11

A Mac genius/mage replaces his ipad glass with enchanted scrying glass. Then builds an app to see the future! (It already comes with google maps for farsight.)

Ideabird 12/28/11

The zombie virus carries large quantities of metals into back of the sinus cavities, converting them into antennae for detecting healthy brainwaves. Removing the sinus cavities blinds them.

Ideabird 12/26/11

A returning Iraq vet decides to liberate an old school friend from her dictatorial and abusive husband.

Ideabird 12/23/11

The Corporation is surreptitiously reaching through everyone's neural interface to use dreaming human brains as data processors. They use brains briefly in the dead of night, when the mind doesn't chemically bind memories. This works fine until The Big One hits Southern California and 10 million people are suddenly jolted awake.

Ideabird 12/21/11

Idea: An object, massive as a black hole is flying towards Earth. Kuiper belt science stations show it's a planet, traveling so near the speed of light its mass is enormous. At that speed, time on the surface has slowed to nothing. You continue to examine it as it approaches. There is an entire civilization, blasting through space, frozen in time. About 1 light year from the sun it begins to decellerate...

Ideabird 12/19/11

Idea: You were just fired from a 3D epic. While drunk in the woods, someone murders the stars & director. The only record is an offsite computer which caught all the dots on the motion-capture suits. In the police station you watch the wireframes of people being cut down.

Ideabird 12/16/11

A benign brain parasite infects everyone. You hear your life narrated in poetic form. The more you know, the better the poetry.

Ideabird 12/14/11

We grew to sentience at the bottom of a gravity well. What if sentience is a function of gravity collapsing quantum possibilities? Might we become less sentient in interstellar space? Or able to see and be confused by other quantum realms? Would mass gained by accelleration count?

Ideabird 12/12/11

You're using the urinal at a local sporting event, staring at the cinderblock wall, men surrounding you on all sides. You relax into starting to pee, and your eyes defocus on the little concrete pores. A sentence snaps into 3D: You are NOT wanted here!

Ideabird 12/9/11

Everyone is embedded with an endorphin meter. You are taxed according to how happy your are. Find love? Enjoy your job? Too bad...

Ideabird 12/7/11

A giant battle mecha robot, but instead of the the regular team of the leader, the hotshot, the girl, the little guy & the brick, the various parts are run by the brainstems of injured soldiers. They form a battle squad. The government promises they will get new bodies when the war is won. But what if their personalities are starting to merge?

© Tony Jonick 2013