Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 11/8/13

A new study shows that humans do, in fact, bioluminesce. We give off photons in the visible range, not just our normal heat signature in the infrared. The light we give off, though, is thousands of times more subtle than the human eye can detect; only the most sophisticated cameras can record this glow. Through breeding and gene-hacking we develop that skill. We meet a singer who can control her colors and glow placement in time with her music. She starts a craze that leads to whole a whole new art form.

Ideabird 11/6/13

A con artist in a poor country goes to America where he gets LED’s placed subcutaneously in his hands. He comes home and goes on the faith healing circuit. 

Ideabird 11/4/13—Post-Human Week, Pt2

25 years from now, one of the most popular new religious sects is The Knowers. Their patron saint is Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. WIth the vast majority of human knowledge at hand, the monks try to grasp as much as possible within a lifetime. They are not as interested in understanding as they are in knowing. Their meditative rituals involve riding the continuous feeds of knowledge, video, audio, tactile, and scent all at once. They use all means of data feeding, including wiring into the net. The state they hope to get to is emptiness from knowing all.

Ideabird 11/2/13

As you may or may not know, my other night job is as a filmmaker. Under the name Kingfisher Talking Pictures I make little films. I’m always on the the lookout to make it my day job.

Anyway my short film Check Out will be shown today at the Castro Theater in San Francisco as part of a Scary Cow program. If you are in town, check it out! The program starts at three.

For the rest of y’all, check it out on my site:

Ideabird Halloween Extra

When my younger daughter was little we were driving her friend home, and the little girl told us about “The Candy Witch.”

"The Candy Witch takes all of your extra candy and leaves you money! I got five dollars!"

My girl asked, “Dad, why doesn’t the Candy Witch come to our house?”

While silently cursing her Moms for not warning us about this new character, I had to come up with something. “She can’t visit everyone, and we already get special treatment from the Easter Bunny,” (since my wife’s family are O’Hares—rabbits—get it?) “So they kind of split up who gets extra attention over the year.”

They found this acceptable.

Fast forward 10 years, and neither child wants to spend Halloween with us. Sad dad. So now there’s a small jack-o-lantern filled with candy at each of their doors. Signed “The Candy Witch.” The Candy Witch uses all the candy she takes from little girls and delivers it to kids whose parents need some extra time to think of their kids as kids. Thanks, Candy Witch!

Ideabird 10/30/13

One of the first and easiest gene hacks turns out to be facial width, with subsequent eye placement. By placing children’s eyes farther apart they develop a richer sense of 3-D placement. They can naturally calculate distances better than regulars. which also makes them better soldiers.

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