Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 10/3/12

Paul McCartney asked a chauffeur how life was. The man answered he was so busy, he'd been working eight days a week! Bingo, another idea for a song. For both of them. Paul & the Beatles had a hit in America with the song, though it never caught on in England. But the chauffeur also wrote songs. The truth was, he was an amazing song writer, but was too damn busy to ever finish anything properly. He was getting on a bit when he heard his kids playing the Beatles’ song, and it rekindled his thoughts & desires.

Ideabird 10/1/12

In 2016, trying to avoid a repeat of Obama's first debate performance, the exhausted candidate took a caplet of Focisin, a newest legal ADHD drug. She did great. Another caplet before the second debate, another before the first meeting with Congress, and she had a pattern in place. Before the news leaked of her habit, half the house members had quietly started taking it, and a mental arms race was on. There was no advantage to be won in negotiations with the Chinese, since they used it as well. When it was discovered to shorten life span, everyone turned to younger politicians. The big question was how to go back to becoming merely normal.

© Tony Jonick 2013