Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 8/23/13

In the future teens will hold there drunk parties and sexdates at  Bates Motels ®. Each teen is guaranteed a thrilling time when a random film killer will appear to holographically kill and dismember their friends. Part of the thrill is not knowing who or when or what brutality will happen. And then the illusion fades and the party goes on. All great fun, and perfectly safe…

Ideabird 8/21/13

The radio played over her bed at night as the station only came in under the dark quiet of the stars. The old host spoke in a language she didn't understand. The songs were old-fashioned, melancholy, sentimental. She imagines anyone else listening would pretend they were in a foreign land, a stranger awash in exotic travel. She would curl up in bed and imagine these were songs her mother used to sing when she was a little girl, songs just past the edge of memory.

Ideabird 8/19/13

The bumper sticker read, "Jesus is Coming! Be Ready!" He only vaguely remembered being a scared boy, terrified by "rapture" comic books. How long had it been since he'd truly felt terror at the impending end of the world? He felt in his heart it was as likely as Odin summoning ragnarok, or a sentient plate of tofu heralding the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As a thought experiment he tried to feel what it must be like to be that other driver.

Ideabird 8/16/13

Hitler, Stalin, & Mao, the 20th Century’s three greatest killers find themselves as young men in a luxury hotel suite overlooking the ocean. They have all of their memories, but their minds are at their sharpest, all traces of madness & senility removed. They know they are long dead, but are not being judged in any way. They understand they are simply part of an experiment to see what happens when they have the opportunity to speak freely to each other.

A Note for Henchmen

It’s not a good idea to work with/for anyone who refers to you as:
Bag of meat/water

Not a story, idea, just saying.

Ideabird 8/12/13

Summer had just started, and the kids were hiking in the scrubland when they came across the dead coyote mother and her dead litter. No, one pup was still alive. The kids took it home and nursed it to health in the shed, hiding it from their parents. They weren’t sure how a baby coyote should behave.

Ideabird 8/7/13

First came crowd-sourced traffic to the smartphones. Then cam crowd-sourced reviews of other drivers. Little wireless cameras stashed fore and aft on the car allowed anyone to snap the asshole button and mark a bad driver in the system. After so many votes the worst are publicly shamed, and the police are notified of every little infraction.

Ideabird 8/5/13

She knew the terrorists were somewhere in the US with their nuclear bomb. Despite the lockdown of all major cities no one knew where they were. Suddenly their airplane turned up in Montana of all places. Heading towards Yellowstone National Park. But why? Then it hit her: The Yellowstone super-volcano!

Ideabird 7/29/13

He knew the mall had been built on an old Huchiun shellmound. It was a joke amongst his coworkers at the store. When the store reconfigured the warehouse to include a new area, he began to be creeped out by one alcove. Every time he walked past it seemed like there was someone huddled in the corner. Oddly, he got the impression of a small blonde girl in a linen dress.

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