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Hello all IdeaBird followers! I'm ready to start a new story, and I wanted your help to choose what I work on next. My thought is to work on a project on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, like a serial. So review the story idea at, and send me a note at TheIdeaBird(atsign) Voting starts today, and closes Thursday June 7, 2012. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you!

Ideabird 5/30/2012

By her third play she was considered a "Great Person." And she really was, one of those few folks who could change the world. Not the best thing to be in a burgeoning police state. But she loved her country and family and didn't want to flee. She had to solve the puzzle: how to change everything while remaining invisible.

Ideabird 5/28/2012

A few people know about the secret elevator that goes to the top pf the Golden Gate Bridge towers. Very few know about the bunkers in the footings. Two maker kids from the city rediscovered them using their home-made midget sub. But what was the body of a WWII Japanese naval officer doing in there?

Ideabird 5/25/2012

After the divorce, he liked to pick up odd bits of metal, broken chopsticks, and other barely useful garbage when out walking with the kids. They were shamed and emabarassed. "One day," he said, "After I've died and you have to clean out the house, you'll come across this empty pen, and remember this walk." They day came, and in the basement the grown kids found sculptures of each of them, done entirely in odd bits of metal and cast-off items.

Ideabird 5/23/2012

Dow is patenting genetically modified corn that will stand up to their Agent Orange defoliant. Monsanto has pateneted crops that stand up to their own plant killers. The first Dow-Monsanto war started when competing mega-farms wiped each other out, along with every garden in the state.

Ideabird 5/21/2012

They bonded over beautiful but sentimental songs, two lonely young adults. They married as friends, vowing at least to be there for each other, no matter what. She was pregnant during the car crash that left her a quadrapalegic, and they lost the baby too.

Ideabird 5/18/2012

Under the Pacific gyre bacteria have been discovered which have ultra-slow metabolisms. It takes them 1000 years to consume their own weight in food. Their DNA may date back to dinosaur times. The bacteria discovered on Mars has survived billenia, with an even slower metabolism. Until exposed to Earth's conditions, where their genes express wildly, and they consume massive quantities of biomaterial.

Ideabird 5/16/2012

He knew he'd faked his way into the CEO slot, and plenty of other people knew it. But damn if he didn't look good in a suit, and competent people made his initiatives work. Until they didn't work, and he wound up in front of a Congressional hearing. A year or so out, and he was asked to appear on an interview show. He'd forgotten to shave, and the cowboy hat looked OK on him. His gritty approach and tough language led to the vice-presidency. Which was fine until the president choked on a ham sandwich.

Ideabird 5/14/2012

Clarke's third law makes most think technology & magic are somehow interchangable. But magic is more like singing or solving math equations—it's a function of personality & skill. Technology, however, is great for recording things and playing them back. Record how an equation is done, and feed the variables into the calculator. Anyone can autotune their voice. Translate this into a world of Real Magic, where people cast spells at each other. Non-magic users use technology to record every step of a magician's spell, and recreate it, over and over again.

Ideabird 5/11/2012

On a distant planet, two human armies are at war, and total destruction is imminent. A group of young aliens are observing, and want to stop them. Their teachers says it isn't possible. The students want to rescue at least a breeding sample and relocate them on another world. The teacher explains this IS the breeding sample, relocated from the original human world.

Ideabird 5/9/2012

Some aliens from many species bring humans and their pets aboard a living starship. The aliens draw their nutrients from the ship and set up colonies in different parts of the body. The starship changes course at one point heading towards an enormous structure that no one recognizes. At the same time trouble breaks out in the human colony when one of the people realizes the dogs brought aboard fleas, which are getting out of control.

Ideabird 5/7/2012

The young man volunteered to leave his village in the heart of the rainforest to travel to New York, and speak to academics about his life. He was to shocked to find out how brief the time since the city had risen from wooden huts and forest into a world of wonders. His grandson volunteered to leave Earth to cross the stars and speak at the alien conclave. He was shocked to learn how the star and planet had been built to house the meeting. Their stories are told concurrently to show their wonder.

Ideabird 5/4/2012

The Vatican starts using business graphing technology to create and compile a multi-dimensional database of supernatural events reported by people of all religions. They cross-reference conversations with gods by sect, annual income, population density, etc. looking for outlying datasets. Whatever they come up with is the fun of the story.

Ideabird 5/2/2012

Sonic logos are the new thing, with every company's product jingling, or chirping, or swooping happily. Consolidated Tin, International, LLC has a committee-chosen logo so dull and corporate, it becomes a joke. One DJ picks it up and remixes it into a novelty dance hit. The lawyers feel compelled to sue. Marketing swoons at the publicity. The executive row becomes so great the corporation dissolves in corporate infighting and is picked apart by it's rivals.

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