Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 4/30/2012

In many trendy bars actors working for liquor companies convince patrons to buy certain drink brands. She was good at it, and revelled in the power of her good looks, flirting and flitting away. One guy caught her attention, and was able to draw her in. He was cute, clever, and intriguing, and she left with him. He dumped her the next morning. His goal was to seek out & seduce bar actresses.

Ideabird 4/27/2012

It becomes customary for poor students to renege on their multi-million-dollar college loans and take the felony conviction and mandatory 10 year sentence. Most go into the military. But a few take the prison route to serve time with relatives. In time the students become teachers of the other inmates, and the two groups work together to change America back into a democracy.

Ideabird 4/25/12

It's impossibly hard to know who is connected to who nowadays. Two children are good friends at school. One child's parent is a broker who makes millions of dollars in a stock trade. The other child's parent is bankrupted in the same trade. Each one has no idea the other parent is affected, and each one thinks they are the greatest/worst parent of all time.

Ideabird 4/23/12

Superior beings arrive. Seen as "angels," they are here to relieve the planet of it's biggest burden: excess humans. With joy in their hearts and songs on their lips everyone sets about to cull the species and return the planet to an earlier biological profile. One woman who witnesses it all suddenly has her joy turned off. She and select others have been chosen to mourn the losses of the human world.

Ideabird 4/20/12

Time appears to be liquid, flowing symmetrically in all directions. (Though we can only experience it in one direction.) In a low-energy state, time may lump into crystals, preserving information that is always resetting itself. We discover this is how alien civilizations cross the vastness of space, by locking themselves into time-crystals. Solar energy at the destination is enough to "melt" them back into liquid time.

Ideabird 4/18/12

Robot sailing ships are launched into the great Pacific garbage patch. They are large trimarans, run by telepresence, that filter water and use solar ovens to sinter the material into dense blocks that are dropped overboard. They work fine, until an alarm goes off. The operator sees in the sieve a large quantity of tennis shoes, each with a human foot inside.

Ideabird 4/16/12

The tattoo artist came highly recommended, but he shouldn't have taken that phone call. The break in concentration was enough to alter the Solomonic sigil the woman was getting on her back. Now, instead of having a powerful djinn at her call, she was bound to a minor imp who specialized in practical jokes.

Ideabird 4/13/12

In 1986 a patient who had their left temporoparietal junction stimulated had the horrible feeling that there was a silent double-person right behind and watching. A few years from now this becomes a standard procedure used on prisoners, giving them the sense that they are constantly being watched. For some it's too unnerving and they become compliant. On the other hand there is suddenly now a crop of brilliant stage actors.

Ideabird 4/11/12

The trip to the Kuiper belt was audacious. Using a comet on its way out, they spread a miles-wide net to catch it, with thousands of kilometers of carbon-fiber/spider-silk line spooled behind it. To keep from being shredded when the comet hit, the line was connected to dynamoes, and when the line unspooled it would power the batteries, AND make the impact more manageable. But some nitwit American was (still) using feet instead of meters in the calculations, and the drag shifted the comet just enough that they were put on a collision-course with Jupiter.

Ideabird 4/9/2012

Young brother Lauro loves to sing, but the elder monks joke that his voice makes crows fall dead from the trees. So the boy's apprencticed to the deaf old bell-ringer. When the old abbot dies he finds his spirit can linger, and he enters the heads of his various brothers. When he hears Lauro sing, from inside Lauro's head, it's the voice of an angel. How can he tell the others not to let the boy go deaf?

A Special Thank You!

Last week my Tumblr mirror was mentioned in I was confused, but delighted, to suddenly find scores of followers! (And unsure how to thank them.) I hope you are enjoying the site. The original post is at, but wherever you follow from is great. There is also a twitter feed at @TheIdeaBird, but I have to chop them up to fit them. There is also a WordPress mirror if that's your flavour. To answer the most common question: Am I worried someone will steal my ideas? I have to say you can't steal what I'm giving away. It also means if Bollywood picks up a story idea and Hollywood picks up the same one, neither has cause to complain. As I mention elsewhere, all I ask is acknowledgement and letting me know. Not a big price. In any case thank you everyone, and enjoy!

Tony Jonick

Oakland, CA

Ideabird 4/6/12

Meteor strikes on the moon are common. But material starts raining down on the moon base, the front edge of a massive debris field. There are large quantities of black diamonds, carbonadoes, mixed in. The excitement of the riches is diminished when its shown that carbonadoes are made inside supernovae, and these black diamonds are a precursor of asteroid-sized iron chunks of supernova core rocketing through our system.

Ideabird 4/4/12

She finds the gym bag with torn clothes and shredded papers of the missing college student, but for some reason can't summon the will to call the police. Every night for a week she watches the news of the student's family & friends crying, pleading for help in finding the missing person. The more she watches, the more she is depressed. But still she cannot call.

Ideabird 4/2/12

They say musical talent runs in families. But showmanship may not. A parent organizes their kids into a singing family, drawing attention to all the relatives, and family infighting becomes great fodder for the media. One group of kids make an alliance to take the family back from the fame.

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