Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 3/30/12

The Fermi paradox asks: if aliens have existed since the universe began where are they now? There was an early alien species that sent probes to possibly habitable worlds which lodge themselves under the crust of the planet, self-replicate, and sleep. If the surface develops intelligent life, when they begin to generate a certain quantity of radio waves the sleepers awaken and take over the surface, where they send out more probes.

Ideabird 3/28/12

She works for the world's most boring man. Yeah he's good looking, but an hour with him seems to last forever. The job is taking a lot out of her, and she's feeling ill. She discovers the man is a time-vampire, and every hour she spends in his presence is aging her two hours. Her dilemma is how to kill a vampire who drinks time instead of blood.

Ideabird 3/26/12

A person hears the idea about Theseus's ship, that is, the Athenians so revere a historical ship that it is repaired whenever a piece rots. Eventually there are no original pieces, yet it is still considered Theseus's ship. He realizes this idea has been passed from brain to brain since the time of ancient Greece, and yet the idea is the same. The breath used to express the idea and the brain that developed it are long gone. He sets out to create and track an idea, and fund a group to track the idea for as long as it lasts.

Ideabird 3/22/12

The Earth's atmosphere swells during cycles of heavy solar radiation, and space junk is gradually dragged down to earth. 2,000 years from now, humanity has built itself up after the apocalypse. A wandering soldier is struggling his way over a snowy pass when a fireball lands near him. Sizzling in the ice is a piece of metal, a half-melted wrench stamped "NASA."

Ideabird 3/22/12

A girl who grows up with absolutely nothing grows up to be a data thief. She wants to own all of the things she never had, but her job requires that she travel without any material items.

Ideabird 3/19/12 Response

  • Jack Tanner responded:

I really like this idea. I've been casting about for something to write and I'd like to give this one a shot. I might tweak the ending a bit though. If I can get it written, I'll let you know. :)

Jan 30 2013, 9:50 PM

Tony responded:

Jack, Thank you for writing! I'm glad the idea inspired you, and if you are able to follow it through as you see it, I'll be very happy for you. The ending should be the ending that you see fit.

The idea of weeding the correct future from random noise is ancient, with ideas such as the I Ching. I liked the idea of computers responding randomly, but correctly, to specific things, and then looking to focus it down.

There was an octopus who who picked the correct world cup matches during random feedings. I also liked the idea of armies of octopi, where the ones who picked future events correctly were mated, until you had a strain of prescient octopi.

Cheers, and good luck!

Tony Jonick

Ideabird 3/19/12

A scientist uses atomic decay detectors to build an insane quantity of random word generators, then speaks a question out loud. An insane quantity of software filters finds the generators which randomly give the most relevant answers. Bad generators are weeded out as "unlucky" and replaced. This goes on at computer speeds as long as it takes until there is one random generator that answers reliably 99.9% percent of the time. Since the spoken questions have no effect on random words pulled from atomic decay, the scientist announces the generator is indistinguishable from a sentient being, perhaps even God.

Ideabird 3/16/12

In the future we've barely moved off planet. But the vast majority of humans have all followed their own paths. Cyborgs live next to human-animal hybrids, who buy their groceries from pagans who use psychotropic drugs to expand their brains. Reincarnation is commonly used to try different experiences.

Ideabird 3/14/12

A boy entering high school has many pleasant memories of his father, whom he hasn't seen since the sudden divorce several years ago. He's also having a crisis dealing with his new feelings towards girls and his raging libido. One of his enemies discovers that the boy was the son of a notorious serial killer who tortured and raped high school girls. He learns his father kept his mother as a slave until she was rescued, and the "divorce" was an attempt to spare him the anguish. He has to square his feelings and his memories with his new knowledge.

Ideabird 3/12/12

In the estate's library a teenage girl comes across her great-grandmother's journal, detailing her murders and where the victims were buried. That night, in her dreams, the great-grandmother comes to her and explains that the women of the family have killed for generations, It is now the girl's turn.

Ideabird 3/9/12

Two warring alien cultures stumble upon our planet. They are fighting because one side believes the >untranslatable< is >untranslatable<, and the other side doesn't. In fact the only reason we hadn't met aliens before is because we are the only species discovered that is completely unable to sense >untranslatable< in the universe, so we don't give off a certain energy. They are unsure whether to destroy us or use us as a path to peace.

Ideabird 3/7/12

in 1952 a photographer captures a picture of a black trumpet player at a Chicago train station. We follow the photograph through time as it is printed, put in a retrospective collection, and is finally one of the few images to survive the great burning. It is part of the human experience beamed into space, where it is the only piece received by an alien race long after the Earth is burnt to a cinder.

Ideabird 3/5/12

A rural town makes it's income from a state park which is going to be closed. The townsfolk go into the park for a publicity event, and stumble across a giant marijuana farm. The two groups are ready to fight until they discover the park is also being used as a terrorist training camp.

Ideabird 3/2/12

You refuse to appear in a film by a spiraling-downwards producer. Two years later you appear as a realistic CGI villain in an Iranian movie, then in several other low-budget third world films. Your computer-modeling kit is being sold all over the black market, and you are more despicable in each movie.

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