Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 2/29/12

Eco-terrorists threaten to blow up the dam across the Golden Gate, the West Coast's fresh water reserve since rain stopped falling across the Northwest. Ocean levels have risen so high, with global warming, that the dam protects the bay from flooding. The pressure of sea water against the dam drives the desalinization plant. A team of aging hackers and army misfits is released from Manzanar prison to take the terrorists on.

Ideabird 2/27/12, Oscar Edition

A pair of 1920s shoes with celluloid high-heels is found in a thrift store in Lyon. A collector from Hollywood buys them. A team of nano-archaelologists takes them apart, molecule by molecule, digitizing the chemical makeup. Computers reassemble the chains of numbers into images, and reconstruct several minutes of a lost George Méliès film.

Ideabird 2/24/12

In two different rooms of a nursing home a man & a woman visit their bachelor aunt & uncle. Each person sees their own futures in the frail bodies of their relatives. They visit for months, not knowing on the other side of the wall is someone in the same straits. Just before perishing the aunt & uncle meet, and arrange in their wills for the young people to be in the same place several times.

Ideabird 2/22/12

Alex, an African Gray Parrot, showed not only self-awaremess, but the ability to speak rationally, and perform more math than a chimp. In the wild they have their own society and pre-language. If we encountered them on another planet we would treat these birds as alien intelligences. On Earth they are just part of our spectrum. Do we have an obligation to proselytize parrots with our society, our language, our religion?

Ideabird 2/20/12

For President's day, one I've wanted to write for years. A third-person-omnisicient holographic scene of a time-stopped moment. Going into the minds of everyone in Dealy plaza at the exact moment the bullet touched Kennedy's head.

Ideabird 2/17/12

Every town, every neighborhood, has two or three masked heroes. They all work for the police or fire departments. No one has any "super" powers, but some are former wrestlers, others brilliant detectives, some are charming politicians. It's a high-prestige job that attracts the best people.  All of them represent the cities' pride.

Ideabird 2/15/12

An 8-year-old watches as startled aliens accidentally vaporize her parents. To make amends they create biological robots with her parents' memories to look after her. She is the only one who knows her parents are gone.

Ideabird 2/13/12

Your consciousness stays with your body until it totally dissolves. A biochemist, who is fascinated by the processes narrates his decay, from person, to meat, through the various changes that occur in his former body.

Ideabird 2/10/12

One theory is that we used to hear gods when the two separated halves of our brain spoke to each other. As the halves joined, we became more integrated beings, and we didn't hear the gods. Studies show musicians have highly developed connections between the two halves of their brains. An ancient musician realizes that she is singing away the gods, and yet the music still feels like she's touching magic.

Ideabird 2/8/12

The director of the spy agency places his hand on the glass screen that scans his biosignature. Everyone in the meeting is sneezing, with noses a-flow. But there's no time to be sick, with the country under attack! In three days the country falls, with it's leaders suffering from flu, all caught from handling the same glass screen.

Ideabird 2/6/12

We discover the first few alien planets, and are shocked to find that like the original Star Trek, each society is human. Not just that, each planet had dinosaurs, comet crashes, and evolution from shrews to primates to humans. We all share human DNA with traces of neanderthal. This revives the idea that maybe we ARE created in God's image.

Ideabird 2/3/12

Don't like the choices you made in life? Take a vacation across the multiverse into one of your other lives! In some of the infinite universes you were a lion tamer, a basketball star, the president—spend a week living in your own head in another life! Everything is the same, you're still you, but now you'll know how you could have lived.

Ideabird 2/1/12

Traveling through the dead velvet of hyperspace takes months to the nearest colonies. Bodies are drawn through the narrow passages in strings of individual pods, thousands long, each in suspended animation. A tiny percentage wake up and arrive mad. A buddhist monk, trained in meditiation sabotages his pod to experience the entire ride.

© Tony Jonick 2013