Luverly Ideabirds!

Ideabird 1/30/12

A recently divorced antiquarian is traveling Europe with her young daughter, researching "The Burning Times," when witch trials were at their height. She finds a text detailing in precise, but medieval terms, the existence of dinosaurs (dragons) and their mass extinction from a sky-bolt hitting a Western land. The document was from a witch trial of a woman with a name eerily similar to her daughter's. That evening she watches her daughter playing with her toy dinosaurs.

Ideabird 1/27/12

You've had a terrible cold, and for the last week you start the day by coughing up ugly lumps of goo. One morning you cough up a small fist, like a spidermonkey's, but hairless. The fist clutches a tiny golden amulet.

Ideabird 1/25/2012

Your spaceship approaches the asteroid. You know it's composition is a bunch of grayish minerals, and in the dim sunlight it's dull.  When you turn on the ultra-bright landing spotlights the surface is a riot of fluorescent reds, greens and blues.

Ideabird 1/23/2012

An alien civilization lands. They are extremely powerful, though not bloodthirsty. Using the history of Japan as a model, do you go with radical conservatism or radical acceptance? If you go with the latter, can you avoid the mistake they made of WWII fascism?

Ideabird 1/20/12 (Late due to illness)

You're in a public garden in Asia, having arranged a meeting with a terrorist leader. His friend is wearing an explosive vest under his jacket, you are covered by snipers. I say the fight is over, as we've both already succeeded. Humans have conquered the planet so completely, and live so thickly, that even if his friend had an atomic bomb it wouldn't stop the ignorant advance. Nature's the only thing that can take us out now. It gets his attention.

Ideabird 1/18/12: Dark to Protest SOPA

I went dark wednesday to protest SOPA and Internet censorship, so no story idea that day However, 75 years from now, if someone is reviewing the archives and looks up the controversy, they might chuckle. By that time you will be required by law to continuously upload your personality matrix to the interwebs.

Ideabird 1/16/12

You've lost another job. Walking across a field towards home you see a zeppelin approaching. It is small, you'd have to duck to enter. Down the gang plank walk dolls from every human era. The lead doll, Carved from rough wood says, "you won't remember, but we're here to take you home.

Ideabird 1/13/12

The full moon is covered by a pinky held at arms length. Yet that much solar radiation bounced off moon rock is enough to trigger a werewolf. The TSA starts mounting small discs of moon rock under grow lights to catch werewolves before they get on planes.

Ideabird 1/11/12

An alien species evolves with a resonating crystal in their brains which gives them a fine-grained sense of time. They notice mountain climbers return with their time out of sync, learn time-changes according to gravity, and develop the theory of relativity very early. The concept of faster than light travel is supernatural to them.

Ideabird 1/9/12

You're bored at your grandparents farm in the middle of nowhere. Under the hay in the barn, though, you find a doorway in the floor. You struggle to get it open. A railroad tunnel with tracks runs as far as you can see in both directions. 

Ideabird 1/6/12

You've been out of the country for a dozen years making your fortune. Back home at a high-end car dealer you step into the latest SUV. None of the controls are familiar, but random button pressing locks you into the seat and launches the vehicle forward. As the vehicle accellerates out of the lot, the ony control you understand is the steering wheel. You grip and steer as best you can as it picks up speed and careens into the street.

Ideabird 1/4/12

A man responds to an emergency call from his very religious girlfriend. He finds she's been devoured and replaced by a swarm of nanobots. They gained sentience during the replacement process, and are choking on her soul. They are wracked by guilt for what they've done.

Ideabird 1/2/12

A religious group tries an old idea with new means: a soul trap. A satellite in the moon's shadow contains a prisoner in a capsule. When the prisoner dies banks of sensors will look for changes in mass to the nanogram.

© Tony Jonick 2013