Welcome to The Ideabird—Stories on the wing!

I've always loved ideabirds, with their goofy big bills and their purple and blue plumage. I've been raising them for as long as I can remember. I keep hoping I can sell them to support my family, but so far nobody's been buying. I'm going to keep working at it, of course, but in the meantime my house is too full.

So, I'm going to start giving them away. Lovely ideabirds, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for as long as I have them. If you want to give one a home, perhaps write a story or create some art with your ideabird in mind, please feel free. If you want to dress it up in a little suit of clothes and call it Mortimer, be my guest. I just ask you let people know where you got your ideabird from.

So step right in! Click on the “Ideabirds" button in the banner and enjoy!

Thank you,

Tony Jonick

Oakland, California

© Tony Jonick 2013